Book Review

Kessy Lane is solid in terms of characterization and tension. Goebel uses description and dialogue to tell an active story that is ideal of thrillers and mystery fans. An enjoyable reading experience.

-Reviewer 512424


Kessy Lane by Don R. Goebel is a great psychological thriller that pulls no punches. A group of friends on a weekend getaway in a cabin in the woods…yes, please!
Told in there different voices, this book provides the right amount of twists and turns that will keep even a seasoned thriller reader entertained.

– Stella G.


I really enjoyed the long slow ride and the search for Kessy that uproots so much more in the lives of her friends, her disappearance into the fog is almost forgot. Even photos aren’t much help…Great story, diverse characters and a slow burning ride. Highly recommended.

-Dorie K.


Just when you think you know or understand everything you just might realize you were wrong. Who is the mystery, what is the mystery? Is the picture really telling the story? This is a book full of twists, turns, hopes, mystery and so many questions. I enjoyed reading this book and moving from page to page quickly so I was able to reach the answers.

-Laurie B, Educator